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We rethink mobility

Thinking across boundaries and working in an interdisciplinary environment enable us to go in new directions.

xways, being the most innovative platform for mobility worldwide, also allows us to go in new directions.

In the near future xways will be the personal mobility assistant for intelligent and comfortable individual mobility for a wide range of people.

The mobility platform integrates and connects all available ways of mobility for personal demand.

Thanks to digitalization, specified algorithms and blockchain-processes xways is able to connect all possibilities of mobility for individual preferences, be it public transport, shareways, E-car and bike-sharing, car rentals, taxi, privat cars, coaches.

xways is the base for efficient, fossil-free and intelligent mobility of the future. We want xways to be a default standard for smartphones.

xways - networking all over the city.

Smart Cities: if different mobility-as-a-service providers are connected real-time traffic and

pollution issues of the cities can be resolved, cost-efficient alternatives for private cars can be

offered and mobility-strategies can be continuously improved.

personalized user profile

fully integrated mobility network

Using our own mobility-as-a-service platform xways we are capable to not only connect our own

services (e.g. shareways), but to easily connect different non-fossil mobility-as-a-service providers

like car sharing, peer-to-peer car sharing, car rentals, taxis, bikes, and public transportation with

one click. You will have everything in one app – getting suggestions for routes tailored to your

wishes, booking, and paying – easy, clear and quick.

On the basis of our prospective Blockchain – Technology Volantiss will make the production and

the connection of sustainable services with electric vehicles easily accessible and economic for


This is Mobility 4.0

Fully integrated E-Mobility Modes for the 21st Century.

The main goal of Volantis Spirit Ltd. is to solve traffic problems in metropolitan regions by offering

new, fully integrated, and digitized sharing and mobility-as-a-service, and thus improving mass

transit and making it more appealing to its users.

Our goal is to launch xways worldwide in over 20 major cities and agglomerations as Swiss Innovation until 2028, to save over one million tons of CO2 and thus enhance air quality and to disburden roads and environment.

VOLANTISS SPIRIT invests as many personal resources into the concept design of innovative prospective solutions. For development, launch and implementation VOLANTISS wants to win over investors, partners and cities.

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